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9Squares - We accelerate innovation and digital delivery.

9Squares was founded in March 2013 as an Agile consultancy focusing on improving the way people, teams and organisations work to solve tough challenges. During last 7 years we have worked with startups, public sector and FTSE 250 orgnisation to “Accelerate Agility” through Coaching, Consulting and Training. We have worked on award winning large transformation programs in UK and have successfully enabled and scaled Agile delivery to build Web, Mobile, Data & Insights and Enterprise API’s products. Whether it is 1 team or 15, co-located or distributed, we have “been there and done that many times” in the nicest possible way.

During all our engagements we observed organisations often struggle to build stellar teams despite having the best individual talent. While there is an option to go for traditional expensive consultancy with “factory model” but “is this the only way”.

9Squares is the result of “finding a better way” to build great teams, ideas and products with “people-focused model” to help organisations thrive in any environment by unlocking potential of people and technology by providing top consultancy calibre services without the associated price tag.

Meet our core team


Tarun Sharma

Co-founder & Director

Tarun has 20+ years of experience in tech industry crafting, designing, delivering and leading tech products & teams. He started his career as Software Engineer and spent first 10 years in crafting and designing tech products. He won Champion IT award from Microsoft, UK for Innovative use of .net technology. He got introduced to Agile ways of working in 2009 and was so touched by the experience that he decided to focus his career to help people, teams and organisation improve ways of working to solve tough challenges. During recent 10+ years, he has helped organisations of all sizes to Accelerate Agility and deliver world-class digital products. He holds MBA and bachelor’s in economics. He also holds various qualifications in Design Thinking, Lean, Agile and DevOps and can be often seen in London meetups.


Natasha Jagota

Co-founder & Director

Natasha has 15+ years of experience in tech industry crafting and leading tech products. She started her career as Software Engineer and spent first 10 years in crafting tech products. During last 5 years she is focusing on Product Management and helping leading organisations to deliver valuable product features to achieve strategic and tactical outcome fast. She holds MBA and bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi University.