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9Squares - We accelerate innovation & digital delivery.

We help individuals, teams and organisation in transforming ways of working to accelerate overall Business Agility from concept to market. Our approach focusses on building continuously learning culture, boosting productivity, team alignment with strategy, operational optimisation, customer-centricity and making data-driven decisions to build the right product. We also enable organisational changes across 4 key dimensions to achieve true Business Agility – Organisation design, Organisation culture, Leadership & Management, Governance & Funding.

Accelerate Business Agility

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Our approach

Our engagements generally starts with an initial assessment based on observations, face to face interviews and surveys followed by 3 months of Coaching, Consulting, Workshops & Training focused on achieving specific outcomes to accelerate business Agility.

Common Callenges

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    We are taking too long to get something done from start to finish.
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    We are not sure if we are building the right product our customers really need.
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    We are struggling to build high-performing teams.
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    We are struggling to scale Agile delivery across multiple teams.
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    We are unable to maintain high-quality & productivity with distributed teams.
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    We are struggling to meet SLA's for existing Products.

How we can help ?


Transition from Project to Product ways of working that shifts focus on outcome over output, customer-centricity, data-driven decision making, lean experimentation, identifying & testing hypothesis and receiving fast & frequent user feedback.

Start Transition

Build high quality product incrementally with one or multiple high-performing cross-functional teams, co-located or distributed and enable cultural shift that embraces collaboration, empowerment, trust & engineering excellence.

Enable & Scale

Automate path to Production release, automate infrastructure provisioning, logging, monitoring, alerting, anomaly detection to ensure production systems are reliably operated, and incidents can be discovered and remediated fast.

Continuous Delivery

Augment team with specialist experienced consultants as - Executive Coach, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Analyst or DevOps Consultant.

Augment Team

Our differentiators


We focus on accelerating end to end business agility and not just delivery aspects that most other consultancies focuses on.


We measure impact of our work through variety of metrics to drive transformation and not by opinions or judgement.


We bring deep knowledge and expertise in Lean, Agile & DevOps but never constrain our thinking to limited few popular methods or techniques to come up with something completely new when required.


We focus on realising outcome to demonstrate value, build confidence and gain momentum to create urgency for change as catalyst for transformation.

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