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We start with handpicking exceptional designer, engineers and product people to augment or standup dedicated digital teams (we call them Squads). We then shape individual experts into one high performing cross-functional team delivering quality product faster while continuously discovering customer & market needs. We prefer Cloud-first and automation by default approach but happy to go with client’s preference.

Product Engineering


Lean Product Management

  • Identify & test Hypothesis.
  • Conduct lean experiments.
  • Fast & frequent feedback from customers.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Define minimum viable product (MVP).

User-Centred Design

  • Conduct user research.
  • Create low-fidelity/hi-fidelity prototype & wireframes.
  • Validate design with actual user.
  • Focus on usability, accessibility and experience.

Agile Engineering

  • Cross-functional teams.
  • Automation by default.
  • Practice test driven development & pair programming.
  • Deliver in short iterative increments preferably weekly.
  • Practice continuous testing, continuous integration & continuous delivery.
Customer-centric and outcome focused

Our approach

Our engagement generally starts with discovery of an Idea, on-boarding the team, defining ways of working, building team charter, training on Lean, Agile & DevOps approach and conducting team-building exercises to seed a solid foundation for high-performing team. We then kick-start with first sprint and build shippable MVP in less than 12 weeks while building capability to ship future product increment as soon as it is ready ... it could mean many times a day.

Common challenges

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    We are burning too much cash with big tech consultancies.
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    We are unable to maintain high-quality & productivity with distributed teams.
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    We are struggling to standup teams with great engineers & designers quickly.
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    We do not have Cloud, Automation & Agile engineering expertise.
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    We are struggling to release product increment to market continuously.

How we can help ?


Create delightful web / mobile application or enterprise APIs with right features designed with user experience, scalability, security, resilience and latency considerations. We aim to ship first version in less than 12 weeks from Idea to Production and build capability for future product release as soon as it is ready ... it could mean many times a day.

Create App

Create data platform to capture & process huge amount and variety of data, Visualise data in meaningful way using Dashboards and gather insights for customer behaviour and predict patterns through machine learning and make data-driven decisions.

Create Data Hub

Create robotic applications to automate repeated tasks & build intelligence within to make decisions based on workflow and machine learning, harness AI through voice, text, image or video to improve customer experience or explore new avenues for growth or efficiency.

Start Automation

Augment teams with specialist experienced consultants as – Web developers (Front-end, back-end, Full Stack), Mobile developers (iOS/Android/Hybrid), Data Engineers, Data Scientist, BI Developer, RPA Developer, Machine Learning developer, UX/ UI Designer

Augment Team

Our differentiators


Engineering is in our DNA. We take great pride in doing what we do and the way we do - to ensure the products we create are always world-class.


Our business model allows us to run lean business operations so we can offer our services with hallmarks of big tech consultancy but at much lower cost.


We are flexible partner to support your digital aspiration within budget. We offer variety of engagement models with fixed, variable and hybrid pricing.


We can scale teams with exceptional talent as per your need whether at onsite, distributed or hybrid without compromising quality and productivity.

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