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9Squares - We accelerate innovation and digital delivery.

We love innovation and challenges status-quo to pave path for disruptive thinking. We partner with our clients and put their customers at the heart of entire innovation process to arrive at right solution for a given problem, resulting in new avenues of growth and efficiency by creating new products, services and customer value propositions, designing delightful experiences and exploiting emerging technologies to gain competitive-edge.

Innovation Process


Our approach

Our engagement generally starts with discussion around Business & Customer problems rather than technology & solutions. We collaborate with our clients to understand customer, market, business model and value proposition, followed by qualitative research, focused workshops, low-fidelity prototype & solution validation with customers - all done within few days or weeks, not months.

Common challenges

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    We are slow to innovate and our competitors are winning market share.
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    We are getting disrupted by startups offering innovative solutions to customers.
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    We are struggling to retain customers and increase conversion.
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    We lack know-how to exploit emerging technologies to gain competitive-edge.

How we can help ?


A step by step approach to explore problem through deep understanding of user needs, identifying pain points and gaps, brainstorming solutions, iteratively building low-fidelity prototypes and validating it with customers to arrive at right solution quickly.

Start Sprint

A design approach to enhance user experience through persona building, journey mapping, usability focus and user testing with a goal to design delightful experience at every touch point customer interacts with a product or service.

Enhance experience

Build testable prototype to help you understand and embrace emerging technologies to solve current and future business challenges and gain competitive edge.

Build prototype

Augment team with specialist experienced consultants as - Innovation Consultant, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher

Augment Team

Our differentiators


We bring disruptive thinking to benefit our clients during the innovation process instead of following accepted norms.


We have keen eye for detail, so we do not miss anything important to arrive at right solution to a given problem.


We focus on human needs and emotions that drive engagement with our client’s products and services rather than proposing common solutions.


Our business model allows us to tap into exceptional talent as per your need that traditional consultancy will struggle to match.

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